Top 9 Weirdest Things About Reality with Brian

Do you ever just stare at your feet and think, "whoa... I have feet"? Then this is the podcast for you! Join Teddy and his brother-in-law Brian Aspell, a.k.a. "Count Curioso," as they rank the top nine weirdest things about reality. Topics include circadian rhythms, circumcision, the base ten system, the blurry distinction between self and non-self, and, naturally, Jerry Seinfeld's forty-year practice of transcendental meditation.


9. The emotional attachment to the base ten system
8. Brisses/circumcision
7. Jewels/engagement rings
6. How little we know about our ancestors
5. Coffee rituals
4. Smiling
3. Beyoncé worship/celebrity idolatry
2. Erotic stimuli (especially as they relate to evolution/Darwinian fitness)
1. Being alive, right now, in this moment, in 2017


9. Molecular biology
8. Animal intelligence
7. Reality tunnels
6. The blurry distinction between self and non-self
5. Film/media-saturated consciousness
4. The recency of some inventions that are crucial to how we live
3. Circadian rhythms/sleep
2. The concept of nothingness
1. Banality