Top 10 Inspirational Animals with Sylvie

Balto. Baby Fiona. Christian. Harambe. Lamby. We know their stories. We weep when they die. We give them new life with our memes. But which of these animals inspires us the most? Whose paw is proudest of all? In this episode, Teddy and his good friend, literary agent Sylvie Greenberg, rank the top ten inspirational animals, from malformed cuties to unlikely Christ figures. Topics discussed include Mike Tyson's pigeons, 9/11 hero dogs (and their clones), the best British department stores for purchasing lions, and Teddy's creepy fondness for Anne Geddes babies.


10. Lil Bunny Sue Roux the armless cat
9. Gemina the broken-neck giraffe
8. Lamby, Lena Dunham's ex-toy dog
7. Tarra the elephant & Bella the dog, unlikely best friends
6. P-22 the Griffith Park mountain lion
5. Fiona the baby hippo
4. Hachiko the loyal Akita
3. "The BLT" -- Shere Khan the tiger, Baloo the bear, & Leo the lion
2. Christian the lion
1. Harambe


10. Online animal cam phenomenon
9. William Wegman's dogs
8. Christopher Hogwood the pig & Athena the octopus
7. "No animals were harmed in the making of this film"
6. Medical dogs
5. Mike Tyson's pigeons
4. "Man finds kitten during 12 mile walk home after flat tire"
3. Balto the sled dog
2. Presidential pets
1. Animals who find their way home