Top 11 Candies with Bill

At long last, Bill Steinkellner -- Teddy's hilarious father and the world's foremost confectionery hoarder -- joins New Rankings to count down the top eleven types of candy. Discussion topics include the weird proliferation of candy body parts, Teddy's grassroots campaign to bring back the Creme Saver, and whether Bill has or has not in fact tried any new candies since the year 1963.


11. Jolly Ranchers
10. Pop Rocks
9. Gushers
8. Whoppers/Malteasers
7. Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans
6. Gummi weirdness (sharks, burgers, penis, teeth, eggs, Venus de Milo, giant bear on a stick)
5. Candy cigarettes
4. Werther's caramels
3. Peanut butter M&M's
2. Creme Savers
1. Peach Rings


11. Root beer barrels
10. The waxed family (lips, teeth, mustache, thumb)
9. Round gum ("Sputnik" gum)
8. Candy lipstick
7. Tutti Frutti chiclets/Seven Up bars
6. Sixlets (with milk!)
5. Candy buttons
4. Chocolate Babies
3. Combos (Good n Plenty w/ Luden's cough drops, Cert's fruit flavor w/ Walgreen's pink mints)
2. Flying Saucers
1. Jawbusters (RED & PURPLE ONLY)