Top 8 Hottest Hunks of History with Lindsey

Did you exist in the 1800s? Do you have pallid skin and sad eyes? Did you die before age 25 of typhoid, or mumps? Then you just might be featured in this episode! Teddy and his good friend Lindsey Toiaivao hop in the DeLorean and rank the top eight hottest hunks in all of history. Discussion topics include jellied eels, imperial cucking, and Grigori Rasputin's famous "anteater's head."


8. Franklin Pierce
7. Jack Johnson
6. Cyrus the Great
5. Grigori Rasputin*
4. The Four Most Handsome Men of China (Pan An, Song Yu, Prince of Lan Ling, Wei Jie)
3. Malcolm X*
2. Julius Caesar*
1. Publius Clodius Pulcher*

Honorable Mentions: John Brown, sexy Popes


8. Napoleon II*
7. William Cathcart
6. Almanzo Wilder
5. Vivien Thomas
4. Albert Ball*
3. Nathan Hale*
2. Tsar Nicholas II*
1. Philip Hamilton*

Honorable Mentions: Lord Byron, Louis Ballatt "Kid Blink," Johannes Brahms

* = tragic/young death