Top 7 Lifehacks with Dio

What *is* a lifehack? According to Teddy's good friend, Slack designer Diogenes "Dio" Brito, lifehacks are little strategies for altering your environment in order to optimize your efficiency and enjoyment of life. According to Teddy, they're... well, Teddy doesn't really know what they are, but he sure likes his Squatty Potty a lot. Other lifehacks discussed on this episode: the Marie Kondo folding method, blue-blocking sunglasses for phone usage at night, and a free, tasty beverage known as "Chipotle Fresca."


7. Treat yo' self (restaurant candies, "Chipotle Fresca")
6. You're being too loud! ... And that's okay (earplugs, subtitles)
5. Cool car safety! (lumbar support, magnetic phone mount)
4. Podcasting in the elements (phone in a bowl, Ziploc baggie for shower phone)
3. ZeroUV glasses
2. Make a game of it!
1. Squatty Potty


7. A place for everything, and everything in its place (the Tripcase app)
6. The Travel Package
5. Sleep more (Amber/ZeroUV glasses, Nightshift, Flux)
4. Spark joy (Marie Kondo folding method)
3. Buy from a single, unlabeled brand (Uniqlo, Bonobos)
2. Automate everything
1. Frontload your decision-making (or, a shoehorn)