Top 10 Rules for Being Cool in High School (10 Years Ago) with Courtney

Two Roads Month* concludes as Teddy and Courtney log onto their LiveJournals, don their funniest Jesus t-shirts, and rank the top ten rules for being cool in high school (ten years ago). Topics include hickeys, hotboxing, cyberbullying, and Teddy's traumatic appearance in teen court. Featuring bonus content from both Teddy and Courtney's emo high school diaries! 

*Two Roads Month = a month-long on-air celebration of Teddy’s new YA novel, Two Roads From Here, on sale from Simon & Schuster RIGHT NOW. Buy your copy in stores or online!


10. Get mired in a cheating scandal!
9. Ditches. Get. Stitches.
8. Dance like no one's wearing pants.
7. Fight. For your right. To a thuuuug life!
6. Write down your innermost thoughts. Show everybody. (LiveJournal)
5. Don't be a bully. Be a cyber-bully. (Tedsticles Shmeinkellner)
4. Host a sleepover. A... co-ed sleepover!
3. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. (Leadership)
2. Love Christ
1. Make some neeewwww rankings!


10. Get out of P.E.
9. Break curfew until they stop giving you a curfew
8. Catfish at least one person
7. Be the one with the big, cruddy car
6. Hotbox that big, cruddy car
5. Do kiss and tell
4. Be a water baby
3. Never, ever walk around with a visible hickey
2. Be kind. You just don't know.
1. Join the nerdiest academic club there is