Top 10 Rules for Being Cool in High School (in 2017) with Emma

Suh, fam! #thatawkwardmoment when a couple of ignorant bihs try to interpret Millennial culture and it's high-key sus AF but also low-key lit... In this episode, Teddy is joined by Emma in order to translate the previous sentence and also to rank the top ten rules for being cool in high school in the year 2017. Topics include Promposals, purple hug squads, the shocking rise of communism, and the even more shocking rise of... cool parents?! 

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10. Play with toys originally designed to help autistic children (fidget spinners, etc.)
9. Wear an outfit that exposes a thin sliver of skin
8. Stage the perfect Promposal
7. Make a video of yourself playing video games and narrating it
6. Make human memes
5. Express your "creativity"
4. What's realer than reality? ...Augmented reality
3. Qui all your wors halfwa thru
2. Peace. Land. Bread. (Communism)


10. Know your brand hotness
9. Know your #squad tiers
8. If you’re going to be bad, be bad to the bone. If you’re going to be good, be good to the gizzard.
7. Your musical is just waiting to happen
6. No one cares who or if you’re dating
5. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it
4. Trend alert: PARENTS?!
3. Be the meme you wish to see in the world
2. Have a passion for passion
1. Respect you inner kid, respect your inner adult