Top 7 Things We'd Like to See on the New iPhone with Jefferson Graham

It's *spooky alien noise* Future Week! In this ranking, Teddy speculates on the very near future with USA Today tech columnist Jefferson Graham, host of the acclaimed podcast Talking Tech. Teddy and Jeff look ahead to this September's likely launch of the new iPhone 8, and suggest some useful and absurd features they'd like to see on the device, including unbreakable glass, Minority Report-like hand motion sensors, and a multiracial pope emoji. 


7. New emojis! (dinosaur, smiley with teeth missing, realistic gun, multiracial pope, multiracial barrister, Buddha, a baboon's butt, etc.)
6. I want my headphone jack back, Jack!
5. Fun photo tricks (ability to make GIF in-camera, in-camera scanner, rudimentary Photoshop -- ability to cut out heads and put them on other peoples' bodies)
4. super-heightened security/privacy (little lens cap)
3. Car mode (opt-in)
2. More intuitive photo organization ( commercials)
1. Minority Report-style hand motions (especially while driving)


7. Get rid of the home button
6. Real zoom in the camera
5. 24-hour battery
4. Expandable memory/storage
3. I want my headphone jack back, Jack!
2. Involuntary car mode (GPS knows where you are)
1. Unbreakable glass