Top 7 Badass Ways to be Vulnerable with Molina

The CosmoBros are back! Teddy welcomes love doctor and chief vulnerability officer Andrew Molina back to the podcast to rank their top seven badass vulnerability moves. Discussion topics include unleashing your inner melodrama, actually appreciating your partner's exes, and the art of giving the perfect "wug." NOTE: there are some mild static noises from about the 40 to the 60 minute mark of the podcast. (Wow, it took a lot of vulnerability to admit that to you.)


7. Unleash the melodrama!
6. Portkey
5. All-boy support group!
4. Schedule heart-to-hearts
3. Morning Pages
2. The Vision Quest, or "Self-Pity Stroll"
1. "Wugs"


7. Telling someone you like them and expecting nothing back
6. Not sending that note
5. Putting your work on display
4. Establishing boundaries in a relationship
3. Appreciating your partner's exes
2. Ending something without knowing what's coming next
1. Committing to somebody