Top 5 Disney Remakes We'd Rather See with Emma

Somebody’s poisoned the watering hole! In recent years, Disney has been on a mi$$ion to remake seemingly all of their animated classics, and yet if Beauty and the Beast was any indication, most of these films are destined to be, well, poor and unfortunate. Luckily, Teddy andEmma have taken it upon themselves to bring back the magic by pitching and ranking the top five Disney live-action remakes they’d *rather* see. Films include the Oscar-bait tearjerker “Dopey,” a rockin’ new reboot of “Captain Eo,” and the Nancy Meyers love-triangle romcom, “… What About Kocoum?!"

5. Pleasure Island (Lars Von Trier)
4. What About Kocoum? (Nancy Meyers)
3. Dopey (Tom Hooper)
2. When Somebody Loved Me... (Sam Taylor-Johnson)
1. Der Fuehrer's Face (Quentin Tarantino)

5. The Aristocats
4. Yzma
3. Pleasure Island
2. Captain Eo
1. Disney War -- Michael Eisner's downfall with an all-female, all-animated cast