Top 6 Murderers You Wouldn't Bring Home to Mom with Courtney

Let's belatedly celebrate Mother's Day by talking about... murder! Teddy and Courtney capitalize on society's current obsession with violent death by ranking the top 6 murderers they wouldn't take home to Mommy. Topics include murder hotels, killers who are ladieeeez, and for some reason, the Country Bears (you know, those robot bears at Disneyland, the ones that everyone hated).


6. Karla Homolka
5. Joji Obara
4. Gary Ridgway ("The Green River Killer")
3. H.H. Holmes
2. The Zodiac Killer
1. John Wayne Gacy


6. Ted Bundy
5. Luca Magnotta
4. Diane Downs
3. Danny Hinrich
2. Casey Anthony
1. Jonathan Schmitz (The Jenny Jones killer)