Top 10 Things Future Generations Will be Confused By with Jordan

Future Week concludes with this dystopic and delightful glimpse seventy years hence, as Teddy and his good friend Jordan attempt to predict which currently-normal facets of society our great-grandchildren will find baffling. Exciting debates include: Why would any child ever watch baseball? How close are we to a super-creepy resurgence of Eugenics? And, nerds: are they the trailblazers of tomorrow, or a big ol' waste of space?


10. Steve Harvey (and Steve Harvey morality)
9. Soda
8. Baseball
7. Catholic school
6. Superhero movies
5. The worshipping of data
4. Dilbert (and comic strips in general)
3. Weathermen
2. Homework
1. Doctor's office toys


10. Exercise
9. Religions other than Christianity
8. Hockey
7. Society's lack of Eugenics
6. Board games
5. Deciding if you like someone
4. Nostalgia (amended to "plates")
3. The financial crisis
2. Homelessness
1. How easy it is to get away with crime