Top 10 Fictional Basketball Players with Jake

In honor of March Madness and the upcoming NBA playoffs, Teddy and his best friend/best man Jake count down the top ten fictional basketball players of all-time. Discussions include the "I score, you strip" trope in modern hoops cinema, LeBron's desperate, childlike need for attention, and the sad and mysterious disappearance of Wayne Knight.


10. Quincy McCall (Love & Basketball) - Omar Epps
9. Nate Wilson (Eddie) - John Salley
8. Billy Hoyle (White Men Can't Jump) - Woody Harrelson
7. Calvin Cambridge (Like Mike) - Lil Bow Wow
6. Lewis Scott (Celtic Pride) - Damon Wayans
5. Jesus Shuttlesworth (He Got Game) - Ray Allen
4. Pound the Monstar (Space Jam) - Darnell Suttles
3. Neon Boudeux (Blue Chips) - Shaquille O'Neal
2. Teen Wolf/Scott Howard (Teen Wolf) - Michael J. Fox
1. Elliot Richards (Bedazzled) - Brendan Fraser


10. Chubby (Teen Wolf) - Mark Holton
9. Jake Shuttlesworth (He Got Game) - Denzel Washington
8. Moses Guthrie (The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh) - Dr. J
7. Blanko the Monstar (Space Jam) - Steve Kehela
6. Heidi and Heather Burge (Double Teamed) - Annie McElwain and Poppi Monroe
5. Frequency Vibrations (NBA 2k16)
4. Ricky Roe (Blue Chips) - Matt Nover
3. Takashi (NBA Street)
2. Billy Hoyle (White Men Can't Jump) - Woody Harrelson
1. The "you ain't Charles Barkley" girl (Space Jam) - Nicky McCrimmon