Top 8 Creative Mindhacks with Brian

What is a creative mindhack? Renowned mindhackologist -- and Teddy's brother-in-law -- Brian describes them as ways of expanding your consciousness (without the use of drugs). Join Teddy and Brian, a.k.a. "Count Curioso", as they rank their top eight cathartic and kooky mind-expanding techniques. Topics include Tarot divination, Al Roker, and imagining yourself as a clone of yourself.



8. Considering an animal's POV
7. Status dynamics (improv)
6. Casting director game
5. Looking at tall buildings
4. Parallel universes
3. 1 Second Everyday app
2. Betty Plum/Character game
1. 10 Year Journal


8. Memory palace/memory journeys
7. Power stances
6. Popping mental soap bubbles
5. Dreamwalk
4. Binaural beats
3. Imagining yourself as a clone of yourself
2. Tarot divination/positive paranoia
1. Active imagination/dream interpretation