Top 7 Unwritten Dating Rules (That You Should Break) with Molina

Unleash your inner CosmoGirl! Teddy is joined by close friend and Stanford lecturer Andrew Molina to count down the top seven unwritten dating rules (that you should probably break). Topics include the importance of checking in with yourself (a.k.a. "pulling a Molina,") the fear associated with "showing your crazy," and only about two or three anecdotes that will threaten to end Teddy's marriage before it even begins.


7. Fear the family!
6. Money matters!
5. Show off your skills!
4. Chivalry... it's alive!
3. Oh no! Our first fight! Honeymoon's over!
2. Don't drop the L-bomb!
1. Wear scar concealer!


7. The guy should make the first move
6. Time-based rules (time between relationships, first kiss, first sex)
5. Your first date should involve no effort
4. Don't rock the boat too early/Don't show the crazy
3. Break-ups should be clean
2. Being rejected is bad
1. You "should" be dating/There's a right way
to date/dating is the most important thing.