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TRASH CAN NIGHTS LAUNCH PARTY at Tecolote Bookshop! - Santa Barbara - Tuesday, July 15th at 5 pm

Come celebrate the launch of my second novel (and first sequel), TRASH CAN NIGHTS: THE SAGA CONTINUES at Tecolote Bookshop, the same store where a young me bought Captain Underpants books and waited for my dad to finish talking to the owners so I could go home and read my Captain Underpants books. (I'm kidding -- Captain Underpants books take approximately ninety seconds to read.)

This July 15th at 5 pm, on my actual launch day, there will be me signing books, me doing the voices of my characters in ridiculous fashion, me eating lots of Peach Rings, and me getting sick from eating too many Peach Rings. Come be part of the fun!

Tecolote Bookshop is located in the Montecito Village area of Santa Barbara at 1470 E Valley Rd # 52, Santa Barbara, CA 93108. Come buy my book, and maybe my other book, and maybe some Captain Underpantses while you're at it!