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BOOK SIGNING in Santa Barbara - Chaucer's Bookstore - Sunday, September 22nd at 2 pm!

I have literally been going to Chaucer's my entire life. Before my family moved to Santa Barbara, we used to stop at Chaucer's on road trips and I'd get to buy approximately 45 Berentain Bears books each time. Once I lived in Santa Barbara, I used to go there before and after each haircut or trip to Gelson's (gosh, I even remember Chaucer's in the PRE-GELSON'S TIMES.)

... Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, now I'm going back to Chaucer's for a different reason.

I am thrilled to be having one of my first-ever book signings at Chaucer's, in my opinion one of the all-time greatest bookstores on Earth. Please join me there for a reading, Q+A, snacks, and fun!   

Chaucer's is located in Santa Barbara's Loreto Plaza at 3321 State St, Santa Barbara, CA, 93105. See you at the book signing and at Gelson's afterwards!