Trash Can Nights COVER REVEAL!!!!!

Hi, Literate Humans!

It is Monday, December 9th, which means that my second-ever novel comes out in exactly 7 months and 6 days, and everybody knows that when your second-ever novel is coming out in exactly 7 months and 6 days, that it's time for one thing...


Below, feast your eyes upon the otherworldly cover to my second book, the sequel to Trash Can Days: A Middle School Saga, a book that is entitled, appropriately enough, Trash Can Nights: The Saga Continues.... Then, once you're done doing that (should only take a few hours), keep on reading for a synopsis of the book as well as my thoughts on the cover. Yeah!



Come on. Isn't that the purtiest thing you ever done saw? Thank you times infinity to phantasmagoric illustrator Michael Weldon (who also happens to be Australian -- onya, Weldy!) for designing such a dynamite cover, just as he did for Trash Can Days. 

I'll talk more about the cover in a second, but first, some more exciting crap to share! Here is the synopsis that will be on the inside cover flap of Trash Can Nights:

Jake Schwartz is back at San Paulo Junior High completely unprepared for his new celebrity status as the-boy-who-survived-a-gang-brawl. Facing unwanted attention from both foes and fanatics, Jake is out to make some changes-for better, or for worse.

On the Eastside of town, Jake's former best friend, Danny Uribe, has stepped up in the ranks of the local gang, the Raiders. Now that Danny is calling the shots, he has to start making some tough decisions. Life as a Raider may not be all that Danny thought it would be.

Meanwhile, Hannah Schwartz is starting a new school year at Costa Blanca Preparatory Academy. No longer perched at the top of the social ladder, Hannah must fight for her position on the popularity pole. But frenemies have set their sights on Hannah, and they won't make it easy for her to get ahead.

And as for Dorothy Wu, no one is as excited as she is about starting the eighth grade. With her new drama class friends and her boyfriend, Prince Jacobim, by her side, what else could a Wu ask for? But Dorothy has never navigated rocky relationship waters before. Can she help save Jake from the moody blues? Or will Dorothy end up dumped in the trash can, too?

In this remarkable follow-up to Trash Can Days, Teddy Steinkellner delivers a contemporary story that is as hysterically funny as it is heartbreaking. In the end, there will be epic dance-offs, stunning sleepover secrets, life-changing spin-the-bottle sessions, and-oh yes-lots and lots of cats.

Intrigued? I know you're intrigued. Come on, be intrigued, everybody. I worked really hard to make this an excellent sequel. I hope it's at least ten percent as good as The Squeakquel.

Also, a ridiculous thanks goes out to my editor on this book, Tracey Keevan at Disney, for writing that dynamite synopsis, and just for being a phenomenal editor in general. I am a lucky lad indeed. 

And now, to close things off, I want to share my 14 favorite things about this cover. Here goes:

1. I love the way it's nighttime on the cover. I guess that's pretty obvious with a title like Trash Can Nights, but still. I'm super-into the way the dark blues of the cover contrast with the yellows and oranges of the street lamps and the title. The overall effect is this incredibly noir-y vibe that I hope my book somehow lives up to.

2. I love the way that Jake (seen in the window on the right side of the cover) looks exactly, exactly, EXACTLY like me. Not, um, intentional or anything. Not intentional at all...

3. I love Dorothy's eyeballs in the binoculars.

4. I love that Dorothy's standing behind a trash can, just so you're know completely confused as to why this book has "Trash Can" in the title (though, for the record, this book does feature about 65% less trash can than the original. Sorry, not sorry.)

5. I love the baggy jeans and hard expressions on Danny's gangster friends at the top of the image. I also love the strategically placed backpack. Hmm... what's inside...?

6. I love the toilet paper on all of the trees. It's there for a reason, but I can't tell you why!

7. I love the architecture of the houses! Please do not think I'm overreaching with this one -- that is literally exactly what houses in Santa Barbara look like. I feel like I'm looking at the exact neighborhood I went trick-or-treating in throughout elementary school. It's awesome.

8. I love Hannah up to no good, on her computer. Also not gonna spoil anything about that.

9. I love the cats.

10. I love the fighting cats on the roof, the lover cats on the balcony, and the random cats being random.

11. I love the fact that there are so many cats.

12. Hey, why are there so many cats?

13. Seriously, Teddy, what's the deal with all of the cats?

14. WHY THE %%#$!^% ARE THERE SO MANY @&^%#!$&!ING CATS?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!???

Well, you'll just have to read to find out...

Coy smiles,

The Sequel Master