First Post! Best Post!

Hi, Cyber-Buds!

I'm Teddy Steinkellner and this is my website, PLANET COOL. It's always been a dream of mine to keep an online record of my life and thoughts, (well, ever since the ol' Livejournal experiment ended) so here I am, with my own Wordpress and everything, just making my dream come true.

Here's what I look like: 

Young Ted!

Young Ted!

This picture was taken in 2004, but don't worry, I look pretty much the same now despite being "22 years old" and a "college graduate." The only major differences between High School Freshman Me and Current Me are a more developed Adam's Apple and my recently-discovered first chin wisp. Also, I'm Zuckerbergier now.

But you could ogle at Coy Prepubescent Teddy all day. What you're really wondering is, why should you read his blog?

Well, Inquisitive Readers, I shall tell you. Here's what I hope to accomplish here on PLANET COOL:




I'm a young adult novelist! I still feel like Judy Blume or K.A. Applegate or something when I say it, but it's true, you guys. While in college, I wrote a book about junior high kids called TRASH CAN DAYS: A MIDDLE SCHOOL SAGA, and this past summer I miraculously managed to sell it to Disney-Hyperion.

My book doesn't come out until June 2013, so I'm still at the beginning of the long journey (2 the Mysterious Island) that is publication, but if you read this blog, you'll be my companion on said journey. I will share my thoughts on the writing and editing process, do fun things like sneak peeks and book giveaways, publicize my novel with the power of  a thousand Don Kings, answer any questions anybody has, and whatever else you guys want all the way up until TRASH CAN DAYS is released.

Plus, this site will go on strong even after my book comes out. I want you guys to have a front-row seat for the dizzying ups & devastating downs of what will surely be my E! True Hollywood Story-like writing career. Warning in advance, though: it might be hard to blog from rehab. I've heard LindsLo likes to use up the entire Promises computer lab.

Jonathan Lipnicki: great child actor…or greatest child actor?

Jonathan Lipnicki: great child actor…or greatest child actor?


If writing books for kids is my day job, then arbitrarily ranking things is my soul's primal reason for existence. In family car trips of yore, whenever I got bored, I used to shout out "NEW RANKINGS!" and then just randomly rank the members of my family in order of how much I was enjoying them at that particular moment. Yes, it was shockingly effective, and yes, I usually came in number one. No regrets.

PLANET COOL, just like those old car trips, will serve as the home of my arbitrary whims. I'll talk about my favorite and least favorite books, TV characters, animals, board game commercials, Presidents, punctuation marks, and you, dear reader, will LIKE IT.


Really, I'm mostly planning on talking about my writing career and making arbitrary lists about 90's Nickelodeon shows. But this "Miscellaneous" category exists in case I ever decide to do anything else...

Like post this terrifying picture I took last November of Giant Spongebob Balloon preparing to kill two unsuspecting Asian tourists!


Yep, Internet. You and I are going to get along juuuuust fine...